cnc-horizontal-boring-mill-bigComplete Machining Abilities
Pride in Precision!

With more than 100 years of total machining experience, Jake’s Inc. can perform just about any metal working you need, including turning, milling and grinding. Our broad capabilities range from jig and fixture design to complex work holding to machining exotic materials. We can also hold tight tolerances up to .0002”.

Our skill level combined with our ISO 9001 certification produces premium quality and timely delivery. Blending both classic techniques and current technology, we apply a balanced approach to machining that allows us to manufacture any number of parts ranging from prototypes to high-volume runs.

Jake’s Inc. complete machining includes:

machining-2Turning Equipment

  • Fortune CNC multi-turret lathe with a bar loader for high-volume turning jobs up to 2.937” in diameter; 14.960” diameter and 24” length turning capacity; LNS collet chuck and a three-jaw hydraulic chuck for larger-diameter turning
  • Four Monarch manual lathes with a 16” swing ranging from 52”–102” between centers
  • LeBlond manual lathe with a 16” swing and 60” between centers
  • Niles manual lathe capable of turning 24” diameter over bed, 24’ between centers
  • King VTL capable of turning 52” diameter up to 36” length

Horizontal Milling Equipment

  • Toshiba 110R16: (X) 98.42”/(Y) 70.86”/(Z) 51.2”/(W) 24.8” travel; 4.33” spindle; fully programmable 360-degree turntable
  • Toshiba BTD-11B: (X) 78.04”/(Y) 59.05”/(Z) 51.2”/(W) 24.8” travel; 4.33” spindle; fully programmable  360-degree turntable
  • Devlieg 54K-96: (X) 96”/(Y) 60”/(Z) 18”/(W) 20”; 5” spindle
  • Devlieg 54K-72: (X) 72”/(Y) 60”/(Z) 24”/(W) 24”; 5” spindle
  • Devlieg 65K-72: (X) 72”/(Y) 60”/(Z) 24”/(W) 24”; 6” spindle
  • Devlieg 54K-120: (X) 120”/(Y) 60”/(Z) 20”/(W) 18”; 6” spindle
  • Devlieg 3K-48: (X) 48”/(Y) 30”/(Z) 16”/(W) 12”; 3” spindle
  • G&L jig borer: (X) 50.8”/(Y) 50.8”/(Z) 20”/(W) 30”; 4” spindle
  • Niigata palletizing mill: (X) 36”/(Y) 25”/(Z) 20”; fully programmable 360-degree turntable
  • Rockford planer mill: 148” table stroke

Vertical Milling Equipment

  • Four Bridgeport manual mills
  • Cincinnati Arrow 1000: (X) 39.37”/(Y) 19.5”/(Z) 20”
  • Two Matsuura MC-76: (X) 29.9”/(Y) 15”/(Z) 18”
  • Takumi V-15: (X) 60”/(Y) 30”/(Z) 28.346”

Grinding Equipment

  • Mattison rotary grinder 48” table
  • Blanchard rotary grinder 36” table
  • Mattison surface grinder 14” x 60” table
  • Brown & Sharp surface grinder 7” x 18” table

Steel Sawing Equipment

  • Marvel CNC steel band saw capable of cutting up to 45-degree angles
  • Peerless steel hack saw
  • Lifting
  • 20-ton overhead hoist
  • Professional Tool Grinding

Jake’s Inc. offers sharpening and grinding that make your tooling perform like new again and give you the most life from your cutters. Our grinding machinery can sharpen almost any cutting tool from high-speed carbide drills to angle cutters to hole saws. We can alter and modify standard cutters as well.

    Contact us at (630) 892-3291 today for more details about our precision machining including turning, milling and grinding.